What is a Fee-Only Advisor?
Fee-Only financial advisors are compensated solely by the client – typically through a combination of hourly, financial planning and asset management fees. Chladek Wealth Management, LLC was founded with the goal of providing impartial financial advice and building long-term mutually satisfying relationships. There is no conflict of interest; no commissions and no “product” sales pitch.

From the client’s view, the advantages of the Fee-Only model mean there is no incentive to generate commissions through the unnecessary buying and/or selling of securities (churning); or to convert non-cash assets such as real estate and collectibles to cash and securities so that the advisor can generate commission income. Fee-Only allows us to focus on providing ongoing professional advice, timely information about accounts, and updates on the world’s financial markets as objectives or the economic climate changes.

Why is a Fiduciary Duty so Important?
As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Chladek Wealth Management is required to have a Fiduciary relationship with our clients. Not all those who call themselves financial advisors are bound by this law. This includes many brokers, or registered representatives, that earn commission revenues and sell proprietary products. Unfortunately, this creates a conflict of interest and it can be difficult to put the client’s interests first. As a Fiduciary, we always put the client’s best interest first.

What is Wealth Management?
Wealth management is sensible, disciplined investment management combined with on-going comprehensive financial planning. We make it a point to keep up-to-date with your family, as well as your personal balance sheet, to ensure you meet your short-term goals and are positioned for long-term success.

At Chladek Wealth Management, you will work with a professional financial adivsor who has earned the CFP® designation, one of the most recognized financial planning marks in the world. We have more than 15 years experience in the financial services industry to draw from when making decisions.

Why is trust so important in picking an advisor?
Money is one of the most emotional, vulnerable issues people have. Eliminating conflicts of interest is the first step to building a trusting relationship. Chladek Wealth Management works to understand each client’s unique perspective on money and wealth as the key to meeting diverse financial needs.  Chladek Wealth Management has built its practice based on client trust.

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We provide fee-only advice, and do not accept product commissions or receive benefits from outside companies. Thus, we always put the needs of the client first.