Women and Investing Guidebook

Women investors face many challenges to building wealth and securing their financial futures. We developed this resource as a guidebook for women who are seeking perspectives on how to take control of their financial lives. We hope you find useful information that helps you make the most of your financial well-being today and every day. Did You Know? • Women represent 53.2% of professionals in the American workforce. • 57% of women participate in the U.S. labor force. • American women who turn 65 this year have a life expectancy of 86.6 years. • American men who turn 65 this year have a life expectancy of 84.3 years. • Median weekly earnings for full-time female workers are 81% of their male counterparts. • Median annual income for mother-only families with minor children in the household is $20,900. Click here to download and continue reading our Women and Investing Guidebook. John [...]

May 10th, 2017|Blog, Investments|

Top 3 Money Management Tips – Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that April is National Financial Literacy Month? What started out as a financial-literacy awareness day more than a decade ago is now a month-long campaign that has been recognized by Congress every year since 2004. The program is designed to highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach people of all ages how to manage their money wisely.[i] And, according to recent surveys, Americans have a lot of room to improve in their financial knowledge. A July 2016 study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) shows that 63% of Americans are unable to correctly answer more than three of five questions about basic economics and finance. FINRA’s study included more than 25,000 American adults, who represented national population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and education.[ii] About 40% of those surveyed spend less than they earn. The other 60% are either breaking even or spending more [...]

April 25th, 2017|Blog|

7 Principles of Long-Term Investing

Increasing your wealth over time is about more than making the right stock picks or always buying low and selling high. Too often, we see intelligent investors hamstring their potential for success by making fundamental errors in their investing strategy. Over the years, we have observed the effects of fear, greed, lack of discipline, groupthink, and many other pitfalls that investors experience. Accordingly, we have compiled this list of seven principles of long-term investing. These principles are by no means exhaustive, nor will they guarantee investment success, but we hope that you will find them useful in helping you make investment decisions. 1. FOCUS ON THE TOTAL REAL RETURN OF YOUR INVESTMENTS To maximize investment growth over time, it’s critical to factor in the effects of fees, taxes and inflation on your returns. Many posted investment returns explicitly exclude the effects of fees, which come right off the top of [...]

April 18th, 2017|Blog, Retirement|

Giving Back Through Planned Philanthropy

Success in life is about much more than wealth. Giving back to your community and supporting your values through the gift of your resources and time is an extraordinary way to consciously define your family’s legacy. Affluent Americans are becoming more strategic about their giving and want to engage more with nonprofits in their areas of focus. “High impact giving” is becoming increasingly popular among American donors who want to ensure that their gifts are being used properly and who want to measure the effectiveness of their donations. Planned giving allows you to combine your charitable goals and values with your personal financial strategies. Working with a professional to include philanthropy in your financial objectives can help you develop an approach to giving that’s right for your family and your personal values. We developed this special report to help you understand how philanthropic planning can help you create a stronger [...]

April 18th, 2017|Blog, Charitable Giving|

5 Things Retirees Should Know about Social Security Benefits

Social Security provides an important source of guaranteed income for most Americans. Choosing the right claiming strategy is even more important under new Social Security regulations. For most Americans, Social Security will provide a significant portion of their income in retirement. According to Social Security Administration (SSA) statistics, Social Security benefits account for about 34 percent of retirement income for the average American. One of the biggest mistakes today’s retirees can make is to underestimate the importance of Social Security in their retirement strategies. In an era of vanishing pensions and volatile markets, Social Security offers government-guaranteed income that isn’t vulnerable to market risk, can’t be outlived, and can provide for your loved ones after your death. The Social Security landscape changed dramatically in 2015 when Congress abolished several advanced claiming strategies that helped retirees increase lifetime income. The new rules make it more important than ever to make informed [...]

April 13th, 2017|Blog, Retirement|

Don't Panic: 4 Level-Headed Strategies for Volatile Markets

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