Why We’re Fee Only

Fee-Only financial advisors are compensated solely by the client – typically through a combination of hourly, financial planning, and asset management fees. Chladek Wealth Management, LLC was founded with the goal of providing impartial financial advice and building long-term, mutually satisfying relationships. There is no conflict of interest; no commissions; and no “product” sales pitch.

How does this model benefit our clients?

From the client’s view, the advantages of the Fee-Only model mean there is no incentive to generate commissions through the unnecessary buying and/or selling of securities (churning); or to convert non-cash assets such as real estate and collectibles to cash and securities so that the advisor can generate commission income. Fee-Only allows us to focus on providing ongoing professional advice, timely information about accounts, and updates on the world’s financial markets as objectives or the economic climate changes.

No Conflict of Interest at Chladek Wealth Management

A financial planner who has a financial stake in the course of action that he/she recommends to a client faces an inherent conflict of interest and cannot be considered objective and unbiased. This is true even if the planner truly believes that he/she has only the best interests of the client at heart. Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial advisors in the United States are sellers of financial products. Some or all of their income may be dependent upon their ability to steer their clients to a limited number of the thousands of financial products available today. These advisors include stockbrokers, analysts, insurance agents, accountants and attorneys, as well as financial planners. Many of their clients are not aware of their advisors’ dependence on selling products, or do not recognize its difference.

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We provide fee-only advice, and do not accept product commissions or receive benefits from outside companies. Thus, we always put the needs of the client first.