Did you know that a low credit score can affect your employment opportunities?  More and more employers are looking at your credit.  Getting hired, promoted, or receiving a company credit card can depend on your credit due to company policies and procedures that mandate a strong credit report and score, regardless of how much they like you.  Also, there is almost no way for a person to be hired by the government, banks, lending companies, insurance companies, advising firms, or accounting firms if they have a bad credit score or report.

The five factors that comprise your credit score are:

35% – Payment History

  • A recent 30-day late will cost you 100 points immediately.
  • Being past due just 1-day on an account can cost 50+ points. 

30% – Amounts owed (25% revolving and 5% installment debt)

  • Keep revolving debt balances under 30% of the limit to improve your credit score (at least 3 months prior to applying for credit).
  • Keep revolving debt balances under 50% to maintain a lower credit score.
  • A maxed out credit card can cost 50+ points; Over the credit limit can cost 75+ points.
  • Pay down each credit card evenly by its ratio to your total credit card debt. 

15% – Length of credit history

  • Keep old accounts active.
  • Don’t close credit card accounts unless you’re a victim of identity theft, you’re getting divorced, or an authorized user on your account has a high balance or negative history.

10% – Mix of credit

  • It’s good to have a mixture of both revolving and installment accounts.
  • 2-3 revolving credit cards are optimal with an established credit history.  Don’t use 3rd party cards (i.e., department store, gas cards, etc.).

10% – New credit inquiries

  • Soft inquiries don’t impact your credit score.
  • Hard inquires (i.e., when you apply for credit) do.  A hard inquiry can cost between one and 15+ points, depending on your current score, and can remain on your report for 2 years.
  • Multiple mortgage or auto inquiries will only be counted as one within a 30-day period.

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