Affordable Debt Relief Coaching

2013-01-08T02:52:10+00:00January 8, 2013|Blog, Debt Reduction|

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make is to gain better control of their finances and get out of debt.  Starting in January 2013, Chladek Wealth Management is excited to announce a new service that can help move you towards financial freedom and peace of mind! In conjunction with an online home budgeting system, CWM will be providing a new coaching service to help you proactively take control of your money, eliminate [...]

5 Factors That Determine Your Credit Score

2010-09-30T06:09:22+00:00September 30, 2010|Blog, Debt Reduction|

Did you know that a low credit score can affect your employment opportunities?  More and more employers are looking at your credit.  Getting hired, promoted, or receiving a company credit card can depend on your credit due to company policies and procedures that mandate a strong credit report and score, regardless of how much they like you.  Also, there is almost no way for a person to be hired by the government, banks, lending companies, [...]

Our Success Story: $60K in Debt Eliminated in 18 Months

2010-03-15T13:20:22+00:00March 15, 2010|Blog, Debt Reduction|

When I hear, “We can’t get out of debt because (insert excuse),” I get it.  I understand the conviction with which you hold the belief.  I see the reasoning from your point of view.  I feel your burden and hear the tension behind your words.  The majority of Americans have said or thought, “I can’t do it, because…” That’s fine.  It’s just fine…unremarkable…complacent… okay… Call it what you wish; they’re the thoughts and words of inaction [...]

Eliminate Debt in 2010

2010-01-10T14:24:11+00:00January 10, 2010|Blog, Debt Reduction|

Happy New Year!  Time to make your New Year’s Resolutions once again, so what better time to work on becoming debt free?  Here are some tips that can help take you out of the tailspin you may be in after the holidays. 1. Write down all your current debts in order of their balance, starting with the smallest balance first. I’ve placed an Excel Debt Snowball template in the “Box” on the right if you prefer to use [...]

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