2013 Changes: Exciting News!

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The calendar change to 2013 is bringing many exciting changes to Chladek Wealth Management!  One upcoming change is business-related, while the other is on a more personal note. On the business-side, our clients will be receiving what we hope they find to be a new and improved performance report when their 2012 4th quarter reports are delivered this month.  Due to the growth of CWM, we have purchased a new performance reporting software that will [...]

2012 Vital Financial Data

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We've created a printable guide to this year's most important financial numbers. Click to access our 2012 Vital Financial Data. no checking account loans It is common each year for me to be asked: "How much can I contribute to an IRA this year?" or "What is the standard deduction amount this year?"  The following guide is your one-stop-shop for the most important financial numbers in 2012.  Please feel free to either print the guide [...]

KS Tax Credit and Investment Opportunity

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Unhappy with your 2011 tax bill?  Tax credits can be extremely beneficial to taxpayers who are phased-out of other potential deductions due to their income level.  Tax credits are also more beneficial than tax deductions because a credit lowers your tax bill dollar for dollar; a deduction lowers your taxable income, meaning it’s value depends on your tax bracket.  For example, if you’re in the 25% bracket, a $1,000 deduction lowers your tax bill by [...]


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Busy parents need all the help they can get.  If you’re struggling to sift through the bombardment of information, Gail’s Scoop is for you.  Get all the information you need to BE HEALTHY, SAVE MONEY, and HAVE FUN in JoCo. Gail’s Scoop has been keeping thousands of local parents informed through a local newsletter, social media, and blog since 2009. With a mission to save moms time and money, Gail’s Scoop founder Gail Keller is now [...]

Market Commentary: Week Ending 9/9/11

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This past week was a rocky week that ended in a sharp selloff over Thursday and Friday.  The sharp decline in global stocks was mostly precipitated by the ongoing nightmare that is Europe. One very notable event this past week was the fall of the last safe haven - the Swiss Franc.  The Swiss National bank (SNB) has done its very best to avoid devaluing their currency while all other currencies are in a race [...]

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