My wife and I have been shopping almost exclusively at Trader Joe’s since they opened2 locations in Kansas City.  If you read my blog often, you know that we are deal seekers.  However, we’ve also been looking at what our family eats lately in regards to the deals we’re getting.  In other words, healthy, non-processed foods are replacing just purchasing the cheapest thing we can find.  This may be a slow shift as we ditch old habits, but it’s a necessary one.  All of that said, we’ve been thrilled to find reasonable prices at Trader Joe’s. Not only have we found great deals, but many of their prices on staples are comparable to other, cheaper stores (Walmart and Costco for example).  For us, that means that we can go there to shop for organic goods, and still leave with milk and eggs at a low price.  With a restless toddler, lessening the number of stops we make is key.  In addition to this, my wife has been reading some blogs and it appears that prices don’t fluctuate weekly unless they’re clearing something out after a holiday.  That means it’s easier to budget for staples and other items you buy all the time. Another thing to note: Trader Joe’s accepts coupons.  So… here are some of the great deals we’ve found and some resources to help you shop TJ’s.

Favorite Prices:

Organic bananas: $.19 a piece, not per lb.

Gallon of Skim Milk: $2.99

Charles Shaw Wine (“2 Buck Chuck”): $2.99 per bottle

Organic Fruit Bars: $1.79 per package of 5

TJ’s “O’s”: $1.79 (we’ve not tried these, but they’re a great price for a high quality product that is similar to Cheerios)

Organic Grape Tomatoes pint: $0.99

Romaine Hearts 3pk: $2.69

Lemons 1lb: $1.99

100% Pure Orange Juice 64oz: $2.99

Luna Bar: $0.99

Organic Free Range Chicken Breast boneless skinless: $6.99lb (avg. pkg. price $8.30)


Healthy Life Deals– Trader Joe’s Weekly Coupon Match-ups and Price List

Healthy Life Deals– Link to Organic Printable Coupons

CNN Money Article on Business Operations of Trader Joe’s– Really interesting…

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