The calendar change to 2013 is bringing many exciting changes to Chladek Wealth Management!  One upcoming change is business-related, while the other is on a more personal note.

On the business-side, our clients will be receiving what we hope they find to be a new and improved performance report when their 2012 4th quarter reports are delivered this month.  Due to the growth of CWM, we have purchased a new performance reporting software that will allow us to provide more detailed reports, as well as be more efficient in sending them out.  Our old software required a lot of manual work, which caused us 2-3 weeks of preparation time every quarter; the new software will allow reports to be completed and sent out in just a few days!

On the personal-side, John & Angie will be welcoming their 3rd child (another girl!) into the world in May.  Both girls found out on Christmas morning when there was an extra stocking hanging up, the new baby can’t come quick enough.  We are truly blessed and can hardly wait for the fun and excitement in our home to be kicked-up a notch!  Below is the most recent picture of our girls – Alexis (1.5) on the left, and Olivia (4) on the right.

John P. Chladek, MBA, CFP® is the President of Chladek Wealth Management, LLC, a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm specializing in helping families and couples who are not yet retired realize their financial goals.  For more information, visit