thanksgivingtoastIf I could fit all of you in my dining room today, here’s what I would say:

Living the American Dream was not something my wife and I ever imagined in those first harrowing days of our firm; shortly after the bottom dropped out of the financial markets. Four years ago this month, Chladek Wealth Management was born with zero clients on a major leap of faith. The markets had failed everyone, and we wanted then (as we still do) to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

It is fitting that our inception happened during the same month Thanksgiving occurs. Every time we turn the calendar to November we are reminded why we are still here. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Now, the Thanksgiving toast:

May your stuffing be tasty,
may your turkey plump,
may your potatoes and
gravy have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious,
and your pies take the prize,
and may your Thanksgiving dinner,
stay off your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!
John and Angie Chladek