“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren Buffett. 

These powerful words beautifully articulate the true essence of financial planning—time. 

It takes time to build wealth and use it to fulfill your goals and dreams. Financial plans aren’t built and accomplished in a day. Think about it like this; you can’t save for retirement in a year—it takes decades.

Instead, true financial planning is about creating strong and healthy habits throughout your life, as well as using money as a vehicle to help you reach your goals.

Your goals are the foundation of your financial plan. They inspire your habits, outlook, investments, and more. We want to help your goals shine and work with you to build a path that brings you closer to achieving them. 

At Chladek Wealth, it’s our goal to educate and inspire you to make financial decisions that lead you on the path to enjoying the shade from your own tree. 

Our comprehensive financial planning services are designed to help you find freedom and prosperity today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Today, we want to share a bit about our company’s story and how it inspires us to serve you every day.  

Our Motto—Find Your Golden Leaves

The Chladek name holds Czech roots, and one of the most powerful symbols in Czech folklore is the golden leaf of a birch tree. 

Birches are steadfast trees, thriving near bodies of water and direct natural sunlight. They are also known as a pioneer species because they can easily grow in weathered terrain. Birch trees don’t fully mature until they are at least 60 years old. They need time and resources to enjoy their full potential, as do your finances.

When properly tended and under optimal conditions, birch trees can live hundreds of years, spanning many lifetimes and generations. The same is true for your money.

A birch’s golden leaves are thought to bring wealth and prosperity to all who encounter them, which is why this symbol resonates so deeply with our financial planning firm. 

We want to help all of our clients find their golden leaves, a.k.a build wealth and live a full/prosperous life.  

Why Fee-Only Comprehensive Financial Planning

We help our clients achieve their goals with our fee-only and comprehensive approach to financial planning. 

What’s Fee-only?

Fee-only means that we only accept payments from our clients. We don’t get commissions, bonuses, or any other payments from third-party sources, so the only person we aim to please is you. 

This central tenet of our practice allows us to form relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. You can have confidence that we make financial recommendations with the sole intention of helping you achieve your dreams. 

Being fee-only actively eliminates conflicts of interest which traditionally riddle the financial market. You’ve worked so hard to accumulate your wealth, and you want to entrust it to a partner, not a salesperson.

Why Be a Fiduciary? 

We’re so dedicated to providing you with the best service that we also adhere to the fiduciary standard. Being a fiduciary firm means that we are legally obligated to put your interests first, always. And honestly, we wouldn’t want to practice any other way. We’re proud to be a fiduciary firm and bring you advice that’s tailor-made for you and your unique situation. 

How We Approach Comprehensive Planning

What makes a financial plan comprehensive?

So many people think that financial advice is limited to investments—brokerage accounts, 401(k)s, stocks, and other securities. But with comprehensive financial planning, investments are simply one piece of the puzzle. 

Answer this question:

How successful can your investments be if they don’t have a purpose or if they aren’t deeply connected to the rest of your plan?

Odds are not that successful. 

Each element of your financial plan builds on the other. Your goals, habits, risk, lifestyle, and more speak to the financial decisions that will make the most sense for you. 

Comprehensive financial planning allows us to take a birds-eye view of your money. Zooming out will enable us to make valuable connections between each aspect of your plan and ensure that everything is working together. From retirement to college planning to estate and legacy planning to risk management and more, we help your money tell a complete and cohesive story—your story. 

Your Money Your Way

At Chladek Wealth, our mission is simple: give you the tools to build and use your wealth with thought, care, and intention. 

We want to help money become fun, not stressful. We do that by helping you create a diligent, strategic approach to your finances. Hard work, discipline, and vision underpin every healthy financial plan. 

We want to help you create a plan that lets you sit under your own tree, enjoying the breeze in the cooling shade. 

Ready to learn more about how our team can help you find your golden leaves of financial prosperity? Schedule a complimentary call today!



The contents of this article are for general information and educational purposes and should not be construed as specific investment, financial planning, tax, accounting, or legal advice. Please consult with a professional advisor before taking any action based on the contents of this article. All investment and financial planning strategies involve risk of loss that you should be prepared to bear. We cannot guarantee any investment performance whatsoever, and past performance is not indicative of potential future returns.