Response to MSN/Barron’s Article: Investments for Generating Income

2011-07-14T15:19:40+00:00July 14, 2011|Blog, Investments|

MSN posted an article today on their homepage from Barron's titled, "Investments for Generating Income."  The article discussed investments they recommend based on how best to generate income in this economy.  As a fee-only investment advisor, I always read what other people post and was curious to see how valid their information was as soon as I read the eye-catching title.  Below is my un-biased, expert opinion of the article and the investments they discussed: #1 [...]

1st Quarter Investment Review – The Dangers of Bond Investing in 2011

2011-04-04T19:43:53+00:00April 4, 2011|Blog, Investments|

The 1st Quarter in 2011 saw many of the markets continue their upward momentum from 2010.  Below are the returns for some of the popular indices as of 3/31/11: Total Returns % 1Q Dow Jones Industrial Average +6.41% NASDAQ Composite +4.83% S&P 500 Index +5.42% Russell 2000 +7.64% U.S. Aggregate Bond Index -0.59% MSCI All Country World +3.31% Source: Yahoo! Finance.  Data through 3-31-11 If you’re a “conservative” investor, you may be alarmed at the [...]

Bond Market Update

2011-01-11T21:49:30+00:00January 11, 2011|Blog, Investments|

Since the second round of quantitative easing (QE 2) was announced by the Fed, US bonds as a whole (whether corporate or government) have been under pressure.  It appears that the market is finally tuning into a few facts.  The facts being that inflation is already here, rates are going to have to rise, and bonds hold more risk than usual.  Typically, bonds are held in a portfolio to limit risk and volatility in a portfolio.  In the [...]

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