Market Commentary: Week Ending 7/8/2011

2011-07-11T14:26:30+00:00July 11, 2011|Market Commentary|

Have you been to a playground recently?  See-saw’s are less common than ever and have given way to more complex playground equipment, but I think the image of an old-fashioned see-saw will help you visualize my point in this week’s market commentary.  The first see-saw I’d like you to imagine is this: When stock prices are rising, bond prices are falling.  The other see-saw I want you to visualize is this: If bond prices are [...]

Market Commentary: Week Ending 6/10/11

2011-06-13T15:34:07+00:00June 13, 2011|Market Commentary|

The market took another beating this past week with the 6th straight week of losses.  All three major indexes are down more than 4 percent over the last month due to concerns that the U.S. economy is stalling.  Stocks have been falling since April as a response to the negative reports in housing, manufacturing and employment.  Some other factors that are leading to the extended period of losses are rising fears regarding the debt ceiling [...]

Market Commentary: Week Ending 4/8/2011

2011-04-11T05:58:49+00:00April 11, 2011|Market Commentary|

This past week started strong as the major indexes finished up for the first few days of the week.  However, things took a turn for the worse when another earthquake shook Japan.  In addition to the tragedy in Japan, the conflict in Libya heated up, and a potential government shutdown loomed.  All these factors combined led to a week of low trading volume as investors waited to see how everything would play out. [...]

“Buy and Hold is Still a Winner” Rebuttal

2010-12-02T15:42:25+00:00December 2, 2010|Blog, Investments|

I recently came across an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Burton Malkiel titled ‘Buy and Hold’ Is Still a Winner.  If you’d like to read the article, it comes right up when you Google-it.  The title of the article caught my attention for obvious reasons - Chladek Wealth Investment Strategy: The Numbers Don’t Lie.  However, when reading the entire article, there are actually more points that Mr. Malkiel and I agree on [...]

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